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Meet the Team
Gradon Rourke President & Business Director
Josh Fernandes 
Chief Engineer

Graydon is a fourth-year mechanical engineering student with a craving for challenging himself and continually building his engineering design and hands-on skills. Graydon hopes to use his leadership, planning, and communication skills, developed through leadership and international ambassador associations, to help manage pool bookings, find new sponsors, and fundraising. Outside of his academics, Graydon enjoys the outdoors, hiking, skiing, and sailing. He is excited to coordinate and bring in more funding to ultimately to ultimately help the team continue to design and implement new innovative projects and systems for the next competition.

Josh is in his last semester of Electrical Engineering, but enjoys the space where electrical meets mechanical. He hopes to spend his time working on system engineering problems, and coordinating the efforts of this team is a challenge he looks forward to tackling over the coming months.  This is his third year working for UVSRC. Over the course of this time he has worked on the depth control system, instrumentation, as well as participating in layups and mechanical design reviews. Hopefully with this experience in the club, he can help steer it to the best of his ability. 

Kenna Quirke

Kenna is a second year civil engineering student at Uvic. She joined the team as a diver in march of 2021, having completed her NAUI advanced diving certificate, but quickly took on roles in the business section. She is excited to learn the inner workings of the club as Vice President, and help run the dive team. She hopes to get more involved in the manufacturing of the submarine and help recruit new members.

Nicole Hamilton
Social media and Outreach Lead

Nicole is a third-year Biomedical Engineering student with a passion for the ocean and marine technology. Nicole hopes to bring her leadership skills, as well as the knowledge she has gained from both engineering and sciences to the hydrodynamics team. She has completed her PADI Open Water diver and assisted in testing the Chinook III. With a keen eye for detail, Nicole hopes to bring success to this year's Hydrodynamics team.

Andrew Dunham
Electrical lead
Jersey Kertawidjaja
Mechanical Lead

Jersey is a third-year mechanical engineering student in the University of Victoria with plans to work in the pulp and paper industry but open to many other interesting prospects that presents themselves. He’s had co-op experience in product design for a local start-up company producing tech integrated office equipment in Ergonomyx Technologies here in Victoria and continues to work part time there since. Jersey had contributed to the design and manufacturing of the weight rail system in the submarine that helps calibrate its buoyancy and mount the scuba tanks and steering column. His goal for the team is to further improve the mechanical control systems of the submarine. Aside from the club feel free to prod him about surfing or drawing and painting.

Andrew Dunham is a fourth year computer science student who who specializes in software development but dabbles in firmware and circuit board design. This year Andrew is the electrical and sponsorship lead(s) for the UVSRC

Dive Team

The dive team spans a large array of students, from History to Geology to Engineering. These members include: 


  • Kenna Quirke - Dive lead

  • Bennett Steers - Pilot

  • Jordon Prior 

  • Hannah

  • Nicole Hamilton

  • Max

 Each diver must have their open water diving certification as well as 10 additional dives after their certification to participate in the eISR competition. As a goal, the team aims for the divers to have at least 5 additional dives to participate in the ISR competition and to feel confident in the water around the submarine. 

Want more information?

Contact us by email or via our social media channels. We would love to hear from you! 

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