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The UVSRC has a variety of teams that enable students to develop skills in the design, manufacturing and testing of various systems across several disciplines.

Mechanical Team

The Mechanical Team is responsible for the mechanical systems inside of the submarine hull, such as the drivetrain gearbox and the steering linkage.


Electrical Team

The Electrical Team is responsible for developing the various electronic packages used to run the submarine.

Prop Render.png

Hydrodynamics Team

The Hydrodynamics team is responsible for the development of the submarine's hull, propellers and control surfaces.

Prop Render.png

Business Team

The Business Team is responsible for coordinating with the university, club sponsors and race organizers in order to manage the submarine team's budget and logistics.

Diving Team

The diving team is responsible for testing the submarine in the McKinnon Pool at UVic, along with operating the submarine at competion. Dive team members must have an open water diving certification from an accredited agency such as PADI or NAUI.


Join Our Team

UVSRC is always looking for new members. If you have any interest in being involved, we would love to hear from you.

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