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About Us

The UVSRC made its debut appearance at the European International Submarine Race (eISR) in Gosport England in July 2018.  Since then, we have updated our design, grown our community, and recently returned from our fourth international competition in June of 2023! Below you can meet our Board of Directors and Engineering Leads that make this all possible, as well as browse our past projects, and learn more about the competitions we attend. 

The UVSRC has been designing submarines since 2017. Follow the link bellow to learn about our past submarines.

48134870993_1c21ce7d6f_k (1).jpg

The UVSRC competes in 2 biennial races: the International Submarine Races (ISR) in Washington, D.C; and the European International Submarine Races (eISR) in Gorport England. 

Meet The Team

The UVic Submarine Racing club is made up of students from across majors and backgrounds. A passion for marine engineering and a shared goal brings them together to work on complex problems as well as grow the community.

Interested in joining? check out the recruitment page to see how to get involved.

Club Executive

The club executive is elected annually by members of the UVSRC, and is responsible for planning the direction of the club in the upcoming year.

Team Leads

The team leads are chosen by the club executive, and are responsible for managing their respective teams to achieve the goals set out by the executive

Dive Team

The dive team spans a large array of students, from History to Geology to Engineering. These members include: 


  • Kenna Quirke - Dive lead

  • Bennett Steers - Pilot

  • Jordon Prior 

  • Max Maj

  • Hannah Brown

Each diver must have a diving certification that conforms to ISO 24801-2, such as a PADI or NAUI open water diving certification, and accumulate a minimum of 10 logged dives in order to participate in ISR and eISR. As a goal, the team aims for the divers to have at least 5 additional dives to participate in the ISR competition and to feel confident in the water around the submarine. 

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